Great partners

In another class, a project period is just ending.  One student submitted the following answers to a few of the questions I asked on a self-evaluation.

  • “How did this work challenge you?  

This work was challenging because I had to do the work largely by myself to understand a specific topic deeper than I previously had. I was challenged to work through problems that I wasn’t necessarily comfortable with.

  • How did you handle the harder moments of the project period?

I think it was really nice to have a trustworthy partner to fall back on for questions. While we tried to split up the work to accomplish different aspects of the project, there were many times where we came together to work through something that was confusing to one of us. A good partner was incredibly helpful.

  • Reflect on your group’s work together as a team.  Is there anything you could have done differently to help the team?  Share two pieces of praise and two pieces of constructive criticism for your partner(s) as an individual.  

E and I were a great team. I liked how we were able to do different things but also come together for certain parts; that is a very efficient way to work through a project. Another piece of praise is how motivated she was to get the work done and not leave it to the last minute.  

  • What was a highlight for you from this project period?

Day four was definitely my high point in this project. That was the point where my topic really clicked and I began to finally understand the scope of what we needed to do.”

I really like this student pinpointing day four – enough time to dig into the material, wrap your brain around it, and realize what needed to get done.  It was fun to watch these two students work well together, and produce an impressive final product.


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