For today, I spent time reading other blogs and #MTBoS30 posts.  So, instead of writing here, I have posted in response to the following blog entries – check it out if you’re interested.

  1. Exploring the Potential of Digital Portfolios – Hear from a middle school teacher about how to do this well
  2. Fashionably Late – @approx_normal  shares a few ideas and reflections on summer PD, Summer Math Reading and #TMC16.
  3. An article (so I didn’t comment) about how to make the curricular more like the extra-curricular from Mike Anderson. I’m particularly intrigued by these two suggestions:
Healthy: Keep student moving. Have them rotate through the room solving problems posted on charts. Use conversation structures that have students standing and circulating as they share and learn with each other.
Engaged: Think through your lessons from your students’ perspectives. Ask yourself, “If I was a student, would I care about this content/activity?” If the answer is “probably not”, find ways of connecting the work to what students value.”

Last thought of the day – it’s time to learn how to use GeoGebra.  I see something really cool built with GeoGebra about every two weeks, shared online.  I need to get going!




One thought on “#MTBoS30

  1. Thanks for leaving a comment over at Middleweb. Your comment had me realizing the divide between teacher portfolios and student portfolios, in a way I had not thought of before. I appreciate that you took the time to leave some thoughts (and tagged me on Twitter).


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