It’s only Day 9!?!

nineOk.  On May 1, this idea sounded fun.  Enticing.  I had a few super-late nights last week where the blog post was hard to fit in but I stayed up and made it happen.  Now, a new week has begun and this post-once-a-day thing is making me think twice.  I don’t have brilliant reflections today.  Instead, I will express my gratitude to my department for all of their help and support throughout this school year.  As of today, we made our final hire of the season (which began some time ago).  Lots of resumes, phone interviews, Skype interviews, full-day visits and departmental interviews have happened since then.  It was a lot of work, but I am really excited about the new math teachers coming to join us.  They each bring some additional skills beyond math, and I cannot wait to learn from what they bring!  I also appreciate the in-depth, thoughtful conversations we had as a department around hiring, as we considered each candidate we saw.  Even though we don’t all agree, we all respect each other’s voices and want to make sure everyone is heard.  I really appreciate that, and cannot wait to welcome some new faces onto our “team” next year.


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