Sharing the math that we do

My mind has been focused on a Math Exposition Night we are holding on Friday night, coordinating logistics, presenters, wireless needs, etc.  In my flurry to prepare, I almost forgot that tomorrow is our math assembly for all sophomores!  We have Nicole Chan from Trapology coming to share her story, explain how she builds the puzzles in her escape-the-room type venue and talk about flow of the puzzles.  I cannot wait to hear what she has to say, how the students engage, and then to see them try and play the Instagram game she designed (available here).  This is not traditional math in the way we talk about in high school, but it’s super fun, intriguing, and accessible.  I’m also excited to have a young woman come to share her life path to date, which included being a finance major, photographer, filmmaker and now opening up this amazing place, Trapology.  I look forward to hearing what the kids think.

Friday night’s event is growing too – with presentations of all kinds.  Again, I find myself focusing on the student experience.  How will it be for them to share out their work with others?  Will it allow the students to gain a deeper level of understanding?  I am eager to hear what they have to say.  Will there be enough momentum to do this twice a year?  Let’s hope so.  Public consumption of student-created work feels like the right place to be targeting, along with student choice and ownership of the project.  We’ll see how it goes!


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