Almost there!

The Math Expo night is almost here.  I tallied the presenters today to order the right amount of pizza; there are over 75 students sharing their work!  I worry we may not have an adequate audience for them but that will be the challenge for the next time we hold this event.  I have emailed all of their parents to invite them, reached out to the math folks in the middle school, and invited all advisors.

I’m already hoping to have two Math Expos next year; one at the end of semester one (in late January) and one now, near the end of the second semester.  If we figure out how to model our presentations around the Olin College Expo Day, we could have students present during a certain period of time, and then rotate out (and hear from each other more easily).  In some ways, the target audience we want are the kids who are already here.    I may need to ponder that thought more deeply.

I’ll definitely take some pictures tomorrow to document the event, and share some highlights.

I also was part of a conversation today where a colleague reported a suggestion that a departing senior had made about curriculum.  The student wished she had learned more about personal finance.  Now I can’t stop thinking about it.  The Algebra II semi-open-ended project is to have groups each learn about and present on various aspects of finance; 401Ks, choosing health insurance, buying a car, paying off debt, etc.  We are doing our students a disservice by not including this, and we should be interleaving this throughout all aspects of the high school curriculum.  How do we make a commitment to do this?  I am already anticipating the great conversation that will happen (because they always do) in our math department end-of-year faculty meetings.  Happy almost-Friday, everyone!




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