We had a great night at the Math Expo!  The tables were set up, the extra monitors rolled over, and the show began.  The pictures directly above are two student pieces of work – a robot that is working on building a map of the room in which it drives, and a path finding algorithm.  The caliber of the student work was impressive, and the audience had a good time.  Not surprisingly, the people who seemed to enjoy themselves the most were the kids who presented.  The owner of the robot above talked about how fun it was to talk to a friend’s dad, who is an electrical engineer, and to hear how enthused that parent was to see how he had built particular parts.  The kids were eager to hear what others had done, and to see their peers’ work as well.

As we think about how and where to hold this event next year, I anticipate creating shifts for presenters.  I’m also curious to think about where else we can have this event to make it more welcoming, more inviting and to get an even bigger audience.  I am grateful to the many advisors, math teachers, parents and other students who came tonight to learn from others.  I look forward to thinking about how to make things even better next time!



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