An opportunity?

After a full weekend, I’m back to thinking about class tomorrow.  Given my recent reflections here, and with the end of my project period, I’m trying to think about what I will be doing in class tomorrow.  It’s easy to talk about how I want to explore new ideas in my classroom; it’s harder to push myself (and encourage others) to consider moving outside of comfort zones.

We are planning to revisit polar coordinates and explore graphing.  I anticipate asking the kids to explore on Desmos and recall what we had figured out a few weeks ago about what r=3 represents.  We’ll likely return to the definitions of r and theta, and talk about just considering r and theta as they relate to x and y.  How do I include more student voice in what I want to do?  I suppose I just need to ask them.  We’ll see how that goes!

I also feel the pull of helping my kids practice a little bit for the SAT II subject tests, so we’ll likely take a day or two to do that (not my first choice, but many of them are taking the test in early June).

I also am feeling selfish; I only get to work with this particular group for 17 more days.  They probably don’t want to work on the last day, so maybe there are 16.  Subtract two for the SAT II stuff, one for course evaluations, and one where I am cancelling class because of our event last week.  Now we’re down to 12.  That’s not very much time.  However – what should my parting time be?  I’m thinking more and more it should be eminently practical.  We can spend some time practicing typing up our math in beautiful ways on while we explore buying a car, paying off a mortgage and saving for retirement, to name a few.  I’m thinking that I suggest a few possible explorations, and have them do the car purchase in class one day in small groups.  Then, students can learn about something relevant and useful and then share out what they’ve learned using Screencastify for others.  We can watch each other’s videos, ask questions on Schoology and have some conversations in class about what we find.  What do you think?


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