I tried to write a blog post last night but made myself go to bed early instead, to try and fight off a cold.  So – maybe I can pull off two short posts today.

I am starting on week three of basics of Java with my colleague Chris, as we come into all of the Geometry classes to help give them some exposure to basic programming.  Our theme this week is around facial recognition software, and we will get at that with the creation of a square and (hopefully) triangle finder.  I had my first two class meetings yesterday, and was excited to see those students again.  As we did some reviewing of nested loops based on what we had done together in February, it was great to see them feeling confident.  We continued to play a bit more with the filter idea (which is what they built previously) as we changed a picture of Waldo to have crazier colors.  I sent them off with two assignments; create another fun colorful picture of Waldo, and to jot down some notes about how they might use the programs and commands we have so far to build a “square finder” given an image full of a random assortment of dots.  Next class, we will share our ideas and hopefully hear some ideas that include using the “plane.move” and “plane.teleport” commands they have at their disposal.  We’ll see what they come up with!


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