For something new tonight, totally unplanned, I ended up participating in a Math Webinar with @TracyZager.  I was browsing Facebook, saw a post from a friend of mine, sharing @divbyzero’s post about a new article he had written on “Circular Reasoning: Who First Proved That C Divided by d Is a Constant?”, now published here.  I then went to my Tweetdeck, which is currently showing the active feeds of #MTBoS, #edchat and #MTBoS30.  I don’t even know where I saw the post first, but I was pulled in by the title that promised makingtweet mathematical connections.  It didn’t hurt that the event was being led by @TracyZager!

Not surprisingly, she had some great ideas to share and ask others to consider.  It continues to validate my thought that as a high school teacher, I have the most to learn about teaching from elementary school teachers.  Again tonight, I walk away with a few gems.  She shared a story about a teacher asking kids an open-ended question “What do calendars have to do with math?” and sharing some really creative student responses which led to new learning by all.  She suggested thinking of two ideas that students find hard to connect in your class, and ask them “What does ___ have to do with ____?”  With some other intriguing examples, she suggested that we want students to build the habits of mind where they build connections between ideas across disparate things.  We tend to value the building of those bridges when they are correct, but criticize the faulty bridges.  I love this framework and can’t wait to think more about it.  Thanks, @TracyZager!  I’m also intrigued by the concept of @GlobalMathDept….



One thought on “@TracyZager

  1. I enjoyed that webinar as well. I love the Tuesday night Global Math Department webinars. I have used plenty of ideas I’ve gotten through watching those. They also archive the conversations if you miss one


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