A reading night

I spent the day at Loomis Chaffee, chatting with 14 other math department chairs from area independent schools, so I’m talked out.  I’ll share some thoughts on that day soon.  For tonight, I read some other blogs and commented on them.  Here are a few suggestions for a good read:

  • Elissa Miller’s (@misscalcul8) post on making portfolios of with and for her students.
  • Amie Albrecht’s (@nomad_penguin) post on “One Hot Minute” where she reflects on the great feedback she gets from kids when she does a one-minute survey at the end of class.
  • Jackie Stone’s (@MathEdJax) post about being grateful for a colleague who is heading to another job.
  • Talia Cossin’s (@talita624post about making the math feel more real in a K5 classroom exploration, and allowing every student to enter into the conversation.
  • Bryan Anderson’s (@Anderson02b) post on teaching at a Juvenile Center, and his rebuttal to an article criticizing the system.  Powerful stuff!

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