#MTBoS30 Day 26

As I look through my seemingly random but lengthy list of things that need to get done, I find myself prioritizing the things that make me happy.  That could be something I want to do (today, that was wrapping the math prizes in fun white gift bags with orange polka dots on them), or it could be doing something that will make me happier once I have crossed that task off my list.  To tackle that, I began writing solutions to a take-home test that is due soon.

One item on my to-do list is to choose furniture for a mock math classroom that will be set up over the summer.  In anticipation of the perhaps distant future construction of a math building on campus, we are adding another classroom to our inventory.  We won’t have as much square footage as our ideal, but we can play with almost everything else.  I found myself smiling as I told our project manager that I really want it to look like an elementary school classroom:  colorful, fun, and inviting.  Even if only that remains at the forefront of my mind throughout the design period, I am sure we will end up with a classroom we like.  I visited a few other areas on campus to get inspiration today, including our K-2 building to look at fun carpet design, and some health classrooms to see what comfortable furniture they recently purchased.  At the top right are some desks that are intriguing to me with their unusual shape.  Now, it’s on to find area schools using some of this furniture so we can see it in person and make some decisions!  Here’s to making the final stretch possible by emphasizing what makes you happy.


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