#MTBoS30 – Day 30

I didn’t quite get all 30 days in, but I’m amazed at how many posts I did actually make this month.  Thanks to all who responded!  If nothing else, I’m stepping back from this experience with a reaffirmation of the #MTBoS community.  A post asking for ideas, feedback or help of any kind will be retweeted and strangers will reach out with a reply.  Committing to regular posts, and the use of the #MTBoS30 hashtag led to more people reading my posts, and I read more than I had in the past, too.  Overall, I do want to think about ways I can use a blog effectively, and perhaps part of that is just taking the time to read and respond to others.

I did not post over the weekend, as I took a very rare opportunity to not open my computer for two days.  I did still check in on my email by phone, and reply to the students who had a question for me.  Otherwise, I did not go online until tonight.  I hardly ever do that, even when I’m on vacation, but I really enjoyed it.  I suppose that is my parting reflection as the month of May draws to an end.  Being connected on Twitter and in other ways has millions of benefits.  However, it remains important to unplug sometimes.   The most rejuvenating step could be the step backwards.  I hope that it will allow me to finish the final stretch of the school year in a refreshed mindset, anticipating the joy of summer and different pace of life to come.  Thanks to all who read and replied, and I do promise to post on a regular basis to keep this habit going.


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